As of December 3rd, 2019 (Giving Tuesday) fundraising for renovations of the new P.E.T.S. Clinic Building are completed. We are now asking for gifts that will help us reach goals for expanded capabilities inside the new space.

  • Isolation Areas $30,000

    With isolation areas we can offer safe isolation for sick and injured pets. The top priority would be dogs infected with parvo, as it is so prevalent in our community. We already have the HVAC systems for separate ventilation.

  • A Bath Station (Sponsored) $1,500

    While the room is being built and the plumbing will be ready, we had to pull the bathtub unit due to streamlining of our renovations budget. Many pets that visit us for surgery are extremely dirty and while we can make due with a small sink, it is no conducive to creating a sterile area.

  • Commercial Washer & Dryer $12,000

    We have made a $2,500 down payment on 2 commercial washers and 4 commercial dryers. The amount of items we launder daily is staggering. These will double the size of loads we can do and greatly decrease time staff and volunteers spend on laundry.

  • 7 Exam Tables (4 of 7 Sponsored) $129 Each
  • 2 Walk On Scales (Sponsored) $315 Each
  • 5 Baby Scales (Sponsored) $44 Each
  • Large Dog Kennels $2,500 Each
  • 8 Chrome Books (6 of 8 Sponsored) $250 Each
  • Projector and Screen $189
  • 12 Folding Tables $80 Each
  • 6 Bundles of 4 Padded Folding Chairs $87 Each

Thanks to you, P.E.T.S. has the opportunity to serve an average of 120 pet owners every single day. Many times, that average is over 150 per day. Either way, it means a lobby packed with dogs and cats.

This many people and their animals in a tight space creates a safety concern because of noise and how close the animals have to be to one another.

That’s not the only problem related to space in our clinic. Surgeries are scheduled several months in advance because we cannot accommodate more tables or another veterinarian. This creates the danger of more unwanted litters due to wait time.

Finally, we cannot grow or add more services and programs. There simply is not room to house anything additional. 

Thankfully, the new building multiplies our space by almost four times. This guarantees the continued success and expansion of the clinic services and programs you support.

With a new building they will have adequate bathroom and laundry facilities. They will be able to serve our clients in a safe and quiet space. Not to mention, what it will mean for our clients. They deserve a handicap accessible building and restroom. They will love the faster check in and checkout times. And our community will continue to see lower overpopulation and euthanasia rates with more access to timely spay and neuter appointments.
A larger, safer and more accessible environment means serving more pets. In 2018, we averaged 130 dogs and cats per day and our old building is at capacity. More pets served mean more pets staying with their families, fewer pets contributing to overpopulation, and more Preventing Euthanasia Through Sterilization. Specific Improvements Include:

• Cat and dog entrances that open to larger, safer waiting areas.

• Improved handicap accessibility.

• Expanded program performance.

• Training facilities that bring large groups in yearly.

• Improved visibility! Easy to find, easy to get to, & better parking!

You Can Help Us Meet Our Expanded Goals and Give the Gift of More Assistance to More Pets Facing Hardship.

Level 1

J.S. Bridwell Foundation
Fain Foundation
The Priddy Foundation
Bryant Edwards Foundation
Dan and Carla Bolin in Memory of Lexi

Level 2

John Hirschi and The Libra Foundation
Paul and Leslie Harrelson
Sara Jane Snell & The Snell Charitable Foundation
Doris Koopman in Memory of Her Daughter Barbara Jo Call Who Left Her Legacy to the Progress and Well Being of Animals

Level 3

Tom C. White Foundation
Brandon Hohfeld in Memory of Gerald Hohfeld
Alice Shaffer in Memory of Paul Shaffer
The Kadane Foundation
Don Burkman
Drs. Glen & Elaine Beck
Larry & Julie Ayers
Dr. Stephen & Becky Farmer
George B. Tipton
Leann Cottrell
Doni Schnuelle
Heather Tedford
Hank & Nancy Anderson
Helen & Gene Willingham
Geraldine & Mike Morris
George & Ashley Tipton
Vern & Jan Huffines in Memory of Don Hamlin
American National Bank
E. Paul and Helen Buck Waggoner Foundation
Larry & Chris Rains
Greater Texas Ford Dealers

Level 4

Dr. Blaine & Barbara Purcell
Bill & Jan Foundation
Allen Gilmore
Randy Roberson
Gary Crouch
Larry & Liz Martin
Dr. Robert & Kathy Moss
Bernie & Lael Burton
Dr. Richard and Tammy Pena
Susan Mansur Bahr & Bill Mansur
Danny and Maurine Steed
Robert and Pamela Staples
Mike Burns
Lori Suggs
Don & Jan Herzog
Diane Smith
Dr. Tonya Tammen
Doug Armstrong & The Harold & Irene Strauss Foundation
Max & Shana Vordenbaum
Rita Vokes
Dr. Mark and Debra Suggs
The Dale & Joe Prothro Foundation
Perkins-Prothro Foundation
Craig & Sheila Reynolds
Sally Hastings
Greg and Margaret King
Dale & Barbara Murphy
Cyndi Shenck & Lee Ann Haines
Patricia Thacker
Rita Vokes
Dr. Lewis and Julie C. Wilson